Consultation response

Mental Health Policy Group 2021 Comprehensive Spending Review submission

With a difficult post-covid recovery ahead for mental health, what does the system need to meet existing commitments and additional demand?
Mental Health Policy Group

14 October 2021

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The Mental Health Policy Group submission to the comprehensive spending review outlines the pressures that the mental health system is facing and calls for a three-pronged approach from the Government that ensures:

  • Mental health services receive their fair share of the NHS funding settlement so it can meet existing commitments such as the NHS Long Term Plan, Mental Health Act Reform and implementation of new Clinical Standards.
  • Communities are strengthened so that early intervention and preventive support can be provided to reduce demand on the NHS. This will be achieved in part through mental health receiving its fair share of the social care settlement and public health grant, and the extension of the Prevention and Promotion Fund for local authorities.
  • Targeted support must be but in place to protect our children and young people, who have been amongst the most negatively impacted by the pandemic, from developing life-long mental health issues through increasing the proportion of the NHS mental health budget on children and young people, and providing early intervention services such as Early Support Hubs.

About the Mental Health Policy Group

The Mental Health Policy Group (MHPG) is an informal coalition of six national organisations working together to improve mental health, comprised of Centre for Mental Health, the Mental Health Foundation, NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network, Mind, Rethink Mental Illness and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.