Fiscal event: parliamentary briefing

Ahead of the emergency budget, we set out priorities for NHS leaders to parliamentarians.

22 September 2022

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The new Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP will hold a fiscal event to set out how the Treasury will support households and businesses in light of the cost of living crisis, and announce measures intended to boost economic growth on Friday 23rd September. 

NHS leaders understand this fiscal event is an emergency intervention reflecting the strain current economic circumstances are putting on your constituents and their livelihoods. They do however wish to reflect that the current situation also has significant implications for NHS and other public services, and feel it’s imperative that the Chancellor bring forward a Spending Review in the coming weeks to address this.  

The prevailing narrative has been that the NHS received record investment last year. Whilst this is true, the NHS is actually worse off financially than it was before that funding was allocated.