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Ethical Sponsorship Policy

The conditions of use and the expected behaviours of those with access to the NHS Confederation’s systems.

4 January 2023

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The NHS Confederation believes that it is legitimate for the organisation to receive sponsorship income. This revenue allows the Confederation to provide a wide range of services to its members. Without such income many valued member benefits such as publications, meetings and events, would either not be viable or result in higher charges to members. This document details the NHS Confederation's policy position regarding commercial sponsorship activities.

Position Statement

The NHS Confederation is the independent membership body for the full range of organisations that make up the modern NHS. We work with our members to ensure the best health service for patients by:

  • Influencing policy, implementation and the public debate.
  • Supporting leaders through networking, sharing information and learning.
  • Promoting excellence in employment. Our work is determined by our members.

Our aim is to reflect the different perspectives as well as the common views of the many organisations delivering the new NHS.

The Confederation aims to provide the widest possible opportunity for the involvement of its members, and to provide a high level of service. It also seeks to develop innovative ways of providing members with more benefits and aims to improve standards and cost-effectiveness in all areas. In this context, the Confederation offers sponsorship opportunities to health related organisations as part of its income generating activities. All income generating activities are conducted in direct pursuit of the Confederation’s mission. Opportunities are offered for dialogue and debate without compromising the independence of the Confederation. The Confederation places importance on developing and maintaining co-operative relationships with commercial companies.

Policy statements

Four general principles form the basis of this policy:

  • Maintenance of independence
  • 3 Partnership approach
  • Mutual benefit for all concerned
  • Integrity and opennes

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