CCG mergers: How clinical commissioning groups and local government can work together

A prompt for CCGs thinking about their local merger process, and for local government colleagues where their CCGs may be thinking about a merger.

2 September 2020

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Following the first round of mergers in 2020, the second wave of CCGs is planning to merge in April 2021. NHS England and NHS Improvement’s guidance for CCGs planning to merge outlines that there will be consideration of whether proposed new CCGs will be “coterminous” with one or more upper-tier county council or unitary local authority (ie cover the same geographical area), although it is acknowledged that this doesn’t have to be the case.

*Updated for the 2020/21 merger process*

NHS Clinical Commissioners and Local Government Association have developed an interactive discussion guide to assist CCGs and local government colleagues to have open conversations and identify any issues that may arise. This guide was produced in response to feedback from our members around some of the challenges that areas have had keeping local authorities (and elected members) involved and sighted on the merger process.