‘Can’t do it all’ – why PCNs need great management : PCN Network conference session summary

Talking points and key questions on management within primary care networks.

1 December 2020

Talking points and key questions on management within primary care networks.

Chair and panellists

  • Tara Humphrey, PCN Managers’ Forum member, PCN Network; Managing Director, THC Primary Care
  • Sarah Rothery, PCN Managers’ Forum member, PCN Network; Strategic Manager, Greater Huddersfield PCNs
  • Dr Sue Truman, Chair, East Basildon PCN
  • Claire Gould, Chief Executive Officer, SW Healthcare
  • Dr Rupa Joshi, Clinical director board member, PCN Network; CD Wokingham North PCN

Key points

The role of the PCN manager is varied but there are agreed objectives such as building relationships, enabling the PCN to function as a single team; networking locally and nationally to share best practice; working with the community and partners to address population health management and to tackle health inequalities.

The ability to build PCN infrastructure, implement new service specifications, recruit a new workforce at the same time as focusing on the very important role of building wider relationships within place and system, is severely hampered by the time that is funded to undertake this work.

Management of PCNs is both strategic and operational. This requires leaders who can deliver systems transformation and devise good operational procedures, this is not an administrative task.

Key quotes

“Engagement with our community and partners is a massive part of the PCN and I really value the role of my PCN manager in making sure our vision is shared by partners.”

“People are still working in silos and the manager has a really important role in building relationships that reach through walls.”

Questions for consideration

  • What are the consequences for the ongoing development of PCNs if management is not adequately resourced both financially and in terms of the right skills?

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