About the Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network

Increasing the numbers and visibility of LGBTQ+ people to influence change across the system.

The Health and Care LGBTQ+ Network was launched in June 2020. It is part of the NHS Confederation's equality, diversity and inclusion networks alongside the Health and Care Women Leaders Network and the BME Leadership Network.

It is chaired by Peter Molyneux, who is also chair of Sussex Partnership Trust, and co-chaired by the NHS Confederation's director of policy, Dr Layla McCay.

Our mission is to transform the NHS to ensure that members of the LGBTQ+ community receive the best care, and work in an inclusive environment where they can thrive.

Our vision is to:

  • build a social movement of people who are LGBTQ+ and their allies to who see themselves as having a leadership role in the NHS - to influence change from across the system
  • work collaboratively to engage and activate our community, our allies, the wider NHS leadership and other organisation such as trade bodies, trade unions and voluntary organisations.

We work collaboratively to listen, share and engage with our community, our allies, peers, stakeholders, the wider NHS leadership and other organisations such as trade bodies, trades unions and voluntary organisations. 

Involvement with the network will enable you to:

  • connect with peers from across health and care
  • participate in discussions and share knowledge
  • use your voice to support and influence change across the system
  • be part of a social movement at senior level
  • participate in Tweet chats, webinars and receive communications relevant to LGBTQ+ issues.


More information 

For more information about the network and its priorities read the Health and Care LGBTQ+ Network driver diagram.

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