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Supporting the development of place-based integrated care.
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Place partnerships have a critical role to play in delivering integration across health and care. They are uniquely placed to generate change as they are close enough to communities to understand their assets and challenges, and hold the authority to influence the approaches taken by systems to improve health outcomes, reduce inequality, and increase productivity. 

Place Leaders have showcased unfaltering commitment to better health and greater opportunities for residents in strategies and through excellent projects developed by harnessing the passion of local people, understanding of their context and smartly utilising resources. However, it is not always clear how to shift from these explicit intentions and individual examples to systematically delivering earlier intervention and preventing ill health, and that is where we can be most helpful. 

Our relaunched Place Forum – in partnership with Newton - is the ‘go-to’ network for information, resources and support for Place Leaders and their teams, and a community where members can actively support each other and learn together.

Working together to enhance our offer

Together, the combination of the NHS Confederation’s ability to convene people and connect with emerging policy and thought leadership, coupled with Newton’s front line experience and expertise in implementing change on the ground in systems and developing skills provide an opportunity for Place Leaders and colleagues to learn and collectively make ever more positive impacts for the populations of the Places you support.

Key focuses for our collaborative work include:

  • The role of Place in improving hospital flow and discharge
  • Understanding the enablers of effective delivery at place
  • Convening Place Leaders to learn together

Expect to see webinars, community meetings, peer-learning groups, best practice examples and opportunities to influence related to these focuses. Much of this will be led by Place Partnerships telling their stories and experts from relevant stakeholders.

We support Place Leaders by:

  • We are a resource hub for Place Leaders, offering support, information, and resources to advance integration and population health approaches.  

    By harnessing the collective knowledge and expertise within the Forum, Place Leaders can elevate their impact and drive positive change in their communities. 

  • We connect leaders across England delivering at Place level. Leaders can use the Forum to connect with peers who share similar interests, challenges, and ambitions. This collaborative environment empowers leaders to not only seek support but also to contribute their insights, fostering a reciprocal and supportive network. We understand the challenges Place Leaders face, and Place Forum exists to provide them with the time and space to seek support. 

    We enable Place Leaders to connect with national bodies, government departments, regulators and subject matter experts to maximise the power of the voice of Place-Based Partnerships. 

  • We offer exclusive insight into the range of work happening at Place, providing valuable reflections and sharing successful models and best practice, including the truth about barriers faced and challenges to come.

    By sharing real-world experiences and lessons learned, Place Leaders can tap into a wealth of knowledge, supporting their decision-making processes and promoting innovation within their own regions. 

  • We bring leaders together to showcase work, discuss thematic issues, and share cutting-edge thinking. Our learning spaces support leaders to stay at the forefront of innovation and best practices.  

    By actively participating in these spaces, leaders not only contribute to collective knowledge but also draw inspiration from their peers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in place-based leadership. 

  • Place-Based Partnerships have ambitious plans for improving the wellbeing of their populations, but bridging the gap between those aspirations and tangible delivery is one of the biggest challenges faced by partners working at Place. Our partnership work with Newton focuses on meaningful, replicable and insightful ways to take strong, clear strategic leadership work and make it matter. 

  • Newton supports health organisations and health and social care systems to redesign ways of working and implement measurable and sustainable change which is better for people, better for staff and delivers real financial benefit. They are specialists in tackling highly complex challenges, by designing and implementing the operational, digital and people-centred change that needs to happen to solve them. Newton work side by side with their clients to bring insights which drive change, working together to design, implement and sustain lasting improvement. Their clients value them for their ability to embed sustainable change by working from the ground up - uncovering the root causes of the trickiest problems, supporting leadership to act on this information and working as part of their frontline teams to deliver real change and skills for the future. 

    Newton has a strong track record in doing this across whole health and care systems, helping leaders from across health and care to align their vision and strategy and translating that into an operational blueprint which they then codesign and deliver to fit the local situation. Newton colleagues are keen to bring the wealth of insight and experience gained from working alongside trusts, local authorities, and place-based partnerships to share with members of the Place Forum.

Who can join

  • We have relaunched the Place Forum as we enhance our support specifically for Place Leaders. 
  • Anyone involved in place-based arrangements in their local area, who has place-based insights and experiences to share, and Place teams who are keen to learn and develop to accelerate their Place offer may benefit from our regular Place Forum newsletters. Accountable Officers at Place can benefit from our closed community of practice, designed to maximise safe space and opportunities for peers to develop relationships and learn from one another. 

How to join

If you are a Place Leader, please email to receive invitations to meetings, updates and resources. 

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