Benefits and challenges of the network DES

The benefits of the network contract Direct Enhanced Service (DES) in primary care are highlighted in this visual summary.
PCN Network

27 July 2020

The network contract Direct Enhanced Service (DES) underpins the role of primary care networks in empowering general practice within the wider NHS and improving the range and effectiveness of primary care services. The DES has benefits and challenges, which are highlighted in this visual summary.

The PCN Network's short briefing on the DES has further information, providing an opportunity for GP practices to make an informed decision ahead of the 31 May participation deadline.

This is a significant opportunity for primary care, including general practice to be at the forefront of redesigning and delivering a truly responsive service to meet the needs of local populations. Opting out of the DES could risk general practice, through PCNs, losing influence within the system and nationally, as we move towards a more integrated health and care system.

If you have questions about the DES, download our PCN Network's Q&As.