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Connect with leaders to develop solutions to shared challenges.

Exclusively for members, our forums meet regularly to help you think through and address challenging and complex issues. Connect with leaders from across your sector and system to develop solutions to shared challenges.

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  • Patient safety, risk and clinical outcomes are important factors that need to be included in policy making decisions. This group enables members with clinical expertise to influence how we engage with government, and national policymakers. It is also a safe space for clinical leaders to learn from each other. 

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  • This is a regular discussion forum for acute chief executives with a strong focus on the role played by trusts in the development of Integrated Care Systems. It is designed for acute leaders to share quick private reflections on how change is progressing in systems, and what the Confederation can do to help and to influence national and government policy.​

    If you would like to join please email denise.vittorino@nhsconfed.org

  • Our Operational Leaders Forum allows senior operation leader the opportunity to influence government policy, learn from their peers, and ensure that the NHS Confederation accurately reflects the views of our members in the media. Joining the forum gives you access to;​

    1.  ​Number 10 Delivery Unit; meetings for 8-12 Ops leaders to support civil servants from the Number 10 Delivery Unit as they prepare briefings for the PM on health policy.​
    2. DHSC Policy Team; meetings for 8-12 Ops leaders to support DHSC as they develop policy on a wide range of issues from elective policy to the use of the independent sector​

    3. Monthly Chatham House with Confed CEO Matthew Taylor; private meetings for Ops leaders, open to all to discuss key issues facing the Acute sector.​

    4. Whatsapp Group; direct 2 way link between Ops leaders and the NHS Confed media team. Allowing quick sharing of issues that NHS Confed needs to be raising in the media.     ​

    All of these meetings will work via a shared MSTeams site will allow the community to share issues, raise problems, and influence.​

    ​If you’d like to join this group please email rory.deighton@nhsconfed.org or sonia.nosheen@nhsconfed.org 

  • Strong collaboration between providers will form the bedrock of statutory integrated care systems.

    From well-established and formal collaboratives, to developing partnerships and more informal arrangements, our forum supports provider collaboration in all of its forms - whether at place, system or cross-system level.

    Join the forum to benefit from:

    • peer learning sets - uniting providers around a shared interest or ambition to drive innovation
    • peer networks - connecting you with peers, to provide a safe space to share and learn
    • monthly thought leadership sessions - convening all learning sets to showcase work, discuss thematic issues and share the latest thinking.
    • Opportunities to influence policy

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