About the Health and Care Women Leaders Network

Supporting career progression and professional development for women working across health and care.
Image of women in business

The network was established in 2015 and is made up of senior and aspiring women leaders working across health and care, with new members joining every week.

The network is straightforward in its outlook. It exists to:

  • support women in their careers and their professional development
  • recognise the skills and talents of women and their impact across health and care
  • raise awareness of barriers facing women in the workplace
  • share knowledge, inspiration and motivation from key speakers and focused workshops
  • empower women to secure senior and board level positions
  • scrutinise and challenge bias against women in the workplace
  • support trusts and boards to deliver their gender equality ambitions.

More information 

For more information about the network and its priorities read our plan on a page.

Thinking of setting up your own network?

Our guide on setting up your own network can help you consider what you need to do to set up a network in your organisation.