Battle for the NHS? Dissecting plans for the future of health and care

Victoria Macdonald and Richard Sloggett consider the future of the NHS in the context of the general election. 

13 June 2024

In this NHS ConfedExpo special, Matthew Taylor is joined by journalist Victoria Macdonald and former political adviser Richard Sloggett to consider the future of the NHS in the context of the general election. Dissecting the main political parties’ pledges and promises, they surface the unanswered questions and issues on which the parties have fallen silent. Get their take the thorny issues of social care, healthcare funding and industrial action, the shift towards prevention and community-based care, and what a new government should do in its first 100 days.

  • Victoria Macdonald is health and social care editor at Channel 4 News
  • Richard Sloggett is the founder and programme director of Future Health and former Department for Health special adviser

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