What do #LeadersLookLike to you?

Find out how to get involved in this campaign to create a more inclusive notion of leadership in the health and care sector.

10 May 2021

The Health & Care Women Leaders Network working with its fellow NHS Confederation equality networks the LGBTQ+ Leaders Network and BME Leadership Network has launched a new campaign to create a more inclusive and expansive notion of leadership in the health and care sector.  

We know that many people struggle with self-identification as a leader, and it can be an even greater issue for those from underrepresented groups. By using the term leader, we may be excluding people from our networks when the intent is clearly to create a space that is open to all.

We believe that leadership is as much about how people behave and work with others, as it is achieving a specific job role in an organisational hierarchy. A leader is someone who inspires, motivates, brings people together and is proactive about positive change.

We want to remove the constraints of existing ‘norms’ around leadership and create a more inclusive and expansive notion of leadership. When we say leaders, we are not talking about senior people – we’re talking about people who want to lead – and that could be at every level.

How to get involved

Whatever your role in health and care, the #LeadersLookLike campaign is a chance to celebrate those people who don’t always get the recognition they deserve.
The campaign is about celebrating and showcasing the diversity within the health and care sector.

Join the conversation

Get involved by posting a picture of someone who demonstrates leadership behaviours using the #LeadersLookLike and join a leaders’ network.

Start your tweet by using #LeadersLookLike and explain why for example “#LeadersLookLike @_ for bringing positivity to the ward every day”