Primary care highlights from the NHS Confederation conference 2021

Make sure you don't miss these sessions available on-demand on the conference platform until 31 July.

21 June 2021

The NHS Confederation’s annual conference (15-17 June) featured a wealth of sessions featuring speakers from across primary care networks and primary care federations. Here are some highlights to catch up on before the platform closes on 31 July. 

  • A panel of clinical directors and PCN managers reflected on the first two years of PCNs: the highs, lows and what can be improved. 

  • A presentation from the Health Foundation, taking stock of the role primary care already plays in the health and care system, followed by a panel discussion with primary care leaders on the future role of primary care.   

  • An insight into the values and priorities of the primary care federation network with a look at some of the work federations are already doing. Followed by a panel discussion highlighting the vital role federations play at place and system. 

    You’ll find out 

    • how federations have supported PCNs and others in the system to deliver services including workforce education and training, elective recovery and urgent care services

    • after listening to the session, 100% of attendees polled agreed federations have an important role to play in local healthcare delivery. 

  • A presentation and discussion between PCN leaders and NHS England and NHS Improvement on creative estates solutions including digital appointments and how to ensure patients can access services.

    You’ll learn 

    • steps needed to reach your end solution: reviewing aspirational and short term needs along the way 

    • about an essential tool which maps all primary care network practices, NHS England and Improvement estates as well as local community estates to utilise estates in a more dynamic way – will show you gaps and opportunities for developing estate needs 

    • about how to review space more ‘flexibly and dynamically’ 

  • A session investigating what activity can be done at place level, from using workforce to focusing on preventative health, as well as implementing anticipatory care models at neighbourhood to help improve the health of our population 

    You’ll learn 

    • about improving the health of our population through engaging science of your local workforce.

  • This session highlighted the need to work in partnerships, to listen to your residents and the strength of communities coming together with a sense of purpose. 

  • A focus on ICS partnerships and the benefit of collaborative working to improve health for communities at place and neighbourhood level.

  • A discussion on the importance of clinical leadership for ICS success, especially in light of the ICS Design Framework. 

  • A session describing innovative approaches to outcome measures and the rationale for a review into the way we incentivise activity to provide equitable healthcare.

  • A ‘through the window’ opportunity to view the amazing work that has been done at Fleetwood PCN. 

  • Demonstrating the emerging benefits of delivering care remotely for healthcare providers and patients. 

  • This panel was great for information regarding digital solutions to estates, how to bring digital solutions into the community and challenging where access to services needs to take place. It is change being driven by PCNs in Wirral to ensure that primary care is serving the whole community without struggling for space.

  • An understanding of the benefits for acute trusts to work collaboratively with primary care and an insight into what a youth-centred primary care offer can look like. 

Our PCN Network and Primary Care Federation Network are again pleased to be hosting a primary care conference later this year. Sign up to register your interest in joining us on Thursday 4 November.

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