Informing the Messenger Review

Our view on how NHS leadership could be better supported and improved across health and care.
Healthcare workers walking down a hospital corridor.

In October 2021 the government launched a review of leadership in health and social care, led by former Vice Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Gordon Messenger. It is the latest in a long line of reviews dating back to the Griffiths review of NHS management in the 1980s.

As set out in the latest review’s terms of reference, it will make recommendations on improvements to how health and social care is led and managed in England. The report is expected in April.

Since the announcement of the review, we have engaged directly with NHS leaders through our member networks to understand how they believe leadership could be more supported and improved across health and care. 

This section highlights our view and what members would like to see feature in Sir Gordon’s final report. It also spotlights our long read series on the current state and future needs of NHS management.

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