Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) Doctors (Wales) - Charter

SAS Charter and associated Guidance

SAS Charter for Wales

As senior clinicians, SAS doctors bring experienced and specialist care, possessing individual and often highly specialised skills. As they gain experience, SAS doctors will be encouraged to develop the ability to work independently and also to take on broader roles such as clinical and educational supervisors and as trained appraisers for their colleagues, including consultants.

This Charter was prepared and agreed in 2016 by the former SAS Reference Group and recently updated in 2023 with agreement with the Medical and Dental Business Group (MDBG) which includes representatives from NHS Wales employers, Welsh Government, BMA Cymru Wales and Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW). It demonstrates a commitment to supporting and developing the role of the SAS doctor as a highly valued and vital part of the medical work force in Wales. It sets out both the rights and responsibilities of SAS doctors and their employers with a commitment to support and enable SAS doctors and dentists to realise their full clinical potential and to deliver the best patient care.