Marion Andrews-Evans

Dr Marion Andrews-Evans

Executive Nurse & Director for Quality, Gloucestershire CCG

As the Executive Nurse & Director for Quality in Gloucestershire CCG, Marion is responsible for the delivery of the quality strategy and quality assurance systems. She is also responsible for patient experience and public engagement. Her role as the chief nurse provides the clinical nursing perspective to commissioning and service transformation processes. It further ensures that quality of service is central to the work of the ICS and primary care, making quality improvement and patient safety a high priority.

Marion is the lead for safeguarding and the health executive responsible for the implementation of Working Together 2018 in Gloucestershire.  In addition to these duties Marion is the Accountable Officer for emergency preparedness. She is the nurse representative on the LWAB and works closely with the local university in developing new programmes of study.  Outside of the CCG Marion is the Nurse Member of the South West Clinical Senate Council and a Special Advisor to the CQC.

As well as a Registered Nurse Marion has a specialist qualification in emergency care, a Master’s in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Health. She has undertaken a wide variety of senior roles in the NHS over the past 40 years. She has worked as Nurse Director in Provider (Acute, Mental Health, LD and Community) and Commissioner organisations, as well as having experience in leading on clinical service modernisation and quality at a national level. Marion has published work on the nurses’ role in commissioning, patient safety, and how to improve service quality. She obtained her Doctorate by exploring what makes a successful, high quality nursing service. Marion is keen to see that the quality of patient care and the experience of service users is a high priority for the NHS.

Marion will join the NHSCC board as the co-chair of the Nurses Forum, alongside Jo Harding, in July 2019.