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The value of partnership working

Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation Darren Hughes reflects on the importance of working in partnership across sector boundaries.

1 December 2022

Without clarity, courage and honesty we are lost

While little will take the edge off a difficult winter, clarity, courage and honesty from the health secretary and national leaders could go some way.

2 October 2022

A month of change ahead of winter challenges

Darren Hughes, director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, writes about the the events of this month and highlights member concerns around social care.

30 September 2022

Transforming PIFU through triage

In-person appointments will always be an essential part of healthcare, but safe and effective care can and does happen outside of appointments.

17 August 2022

The elective backlog casts a long shadow

While all eyes are on reducing the 6.6 million elective care backlog, we also need to ensure that out of (acute) hospital does not mean out of mind.

2 August 2022

How businesses can help tackle the health gap

Moving beyond traditional NHS collaborations will be key to addressing the complexities around health inequalities and closing the health gap.

27 July 2022