Non-Executive Leaders Network

Connecting non-executive healthcare leaders across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Delegates at an event

Chairs, non-executive directors and lay members play a key role in driving forward transformational change across the health and care sector.

Our new network offers a chance for non-executive leaders to connect with their peers in other parts of the system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It meets monthly to debate issues and hear from guest speakers and hosts an online community where leaders can share learning on system-level thinking.

Interested in joining?

Contact Lawrence Kent to get involved.

We also host a range of networks for chairs in their specific sectors, such as our ICS Independent Chairs Network, Mental Health Chairs Network, Community Services Chairs Network and NHS Clinical Commissioners’ Lay Member Network.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) programme supports members to improve EDI accountability and leadership, tackling inequality through our EDI networks and partnerships.

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