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NHS Voices is the place to debate, share and learn about what’s really happening across the health and care sector.

It provides a space for senior leaders from all parts of the health and care sector to come together, share ideas and debate solutions.

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Community services: my New Year’s resolutions | Andrew Ridley

09 / 1 / 2020 Midnight

Andrew Ridley, Chair of the Community Network supported by NHS Providers and the NHS Confederation and Chief Executive of Central London Community Healthcare Trust, sets out his ambitions for the community sector a year on from the publication of the Long Term Plan.

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How collaboration is propelling change in Croydon | Matthew Kershaw

06 / 1 / 2020 11.09am

If health and care leaders are agreed on one thing, it’s that collaboration is far from easy. Here, Matthew Kershaw shares how organisations in Croydon have tackled the task and how the health and care system, staff and residents are reaping the benefit.

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Creating sustainability for the NHS Estate | Anne Crofts

02 / 1 / 2020 10.25am

In the latest report by our Associate of the Month, DAC Beachcroft, partner Anne Crofts is joined by a number of experts in real estate to discuss the challenges that the health sector faces when it comes to creating a truly sustainable healthcare estate.

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In 2020 and beyond we must embrace the tenets of population health - with all that that entails | Niall Dickson

02 / 1 / 2020 9.13am

There was a time when the NHS went into a form of hibernation over Christmas. Wards were emptied and staff took time off.

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The day of reckoning is nigh – the Conservatives promised, now they must deliver

13 / 12 / 2019 4.56pm

Health leaders in England waking up to a Conservative majority this morning should at least have been be reassured that the direction of travel set out in the NHS Long Term Plan looks set to be maintained.

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Debating who should run the NHS | Niall Dickson

06 / 12 / 2019 4.38pm

This week we held our annual debate which focussed on accountability, one of the areas on which the NHS Plan for England is arguably rather light. We will be producing a report on this soon, but the debate was an attempt to answer the question who runs the NHS? Or to be more accurate, we were really exploring who should run the NHS.

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A perfect storm? | Niall Dickson

02 / 12 / 2019 8.55am

Despite better planning and a real commitment to meet patient needs, NHS pressures of rising demand and front line staff shortages remain. The pensions' crisis also remains, although temporarily alleviated by Simon Stevens' intervation. Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, updates us on these issues in the NHS.

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Improvement, Improvement, Improvement


27 / 11 / 2019 4pm

The last few years have been significant in establishing a new direction for the Welsh NHS.

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Good quality affordable homes can help improve public health and reduce widening health inequalities


27 / 11 / 2019 11.45am

We know good quality housing helps us stay healthy and can improve our wellbeing, but equally poor housing can add to the strain on our health service and the economy

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Think self-care for life | Dr Kiren Collison

20 / 11 / 2019 12.16pm

People in the UK experience nearly four symptoms every fortnight - the most common being tiredness, headaches and joint pain. Managing these with “self-care” often conjures up the image of popping a painkiller or sniffing a decongestant. Raising awareness of self-care and Self Care Week, Dr Kiren Collison, clinical chair at Oxfordshire CCG, proposes that self-care could be wider reaching than having an overflowing bathroom medicine cabinet.

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