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NHS Voices is the place to debate, share and learn about what’s really happening across the health and care sector.

It provides a space for senior leaders from all parts of the health and care sector to come together, share ideas and debate solutions.

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How to look after your mental health and wellbeing in the midst of a global pandemic | Dr Nick Lake

27 / 3 / 2020 10.46am

These are testing times for all of us. All the more reason to pay attention to our mental health and wellbeing, says psychologist Dr Nick Lake.

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The huge pressures ahead for primary care networks | Dr Graham Jackson

PCN Network

26 / 3 / 2020 3.32pm

Working as a network may offer GP practices the flexibility, support and opportunities to deliver care in a different way at a time of national crisis, writes Dr Graham Jackson.

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Official sources of information critical to combating Coronavirus


26 / 3 / 2020 9.18am

Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives

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The phoney war is over...| Niall Dickson

23 / 3 / 2020 10.37am

When this crisis has passed, we will look back and say this was the greatest challenge the NHS has faced since its creation.

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Place is as much a description of experience as it is of a neighbourhood | Richard Mitchell

18 / 3 / 2020 6.13pm

By working in partnership with organisations and members of our communities, we can begin to understand how it feels to live their lives and to support them to make meaningful changes, writes Richard Mitchell.

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What role do ambulance services play in public health? | Ruth Crabtree

16 / 3 / 2020 9.17am

The ambulance service sees such a broad range of people and issues that it has a unique role to play in supporting people to improve their health. Here, Ruth Crabtree, public health lead at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, considers the role of the ambulance service and the opportunities and challenges of taking a public health approach.

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How do you create the right environment for clinicians to lead change? | Andy Knox

12 / 3 / 2020 10.09am

Engaging directly with the most vulnerable members of our community is key to transformative change, writes Dr Andy Knox, director of population health for the Morecambe Bay Health and Care System.

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Integrated care: service proximity is the aim, cultural change is the gain | Dr Derek Tracy

09 / 3 / 2020 3.15pm

For Dr Derek Tracy, integration has been a light-bulb moment, illuminating the riches of cross-sector, multi-professional working.

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Using ‘place’ to do the right thing and solve local issues | Dr Andy Haynes

05 / 3 / 2020 12.30am

How has the concept of ‘place’ made an impact in Mid-Nottinghamshire? Dr Andy Haynes, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System lead, shares his reflections.

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The power of international leadership networks for women | Dr Layla McCay

05 / 3 / 2020 Midnight

Women's leadership networks are proliferating across the globe, but what could international approaches teach the NHS?

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