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NHS Voices is the place to debate, share and learn about what’s really happening across the health and care sector.

It provides a space for senior leaders from all parts of the health and care sector to come together, share ideas and debate solutions.

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NHS Reset: The sweet spot where new and old power collide - that's where the magic happens! | Linda Vernon, Peter Amer, Dr Amanda Thornton

05 / 8 / 2020 6.30am

Showing best practice and innovation that's resulted from their response to COVID-19, Linda Vernon, Peter Amer and Dr Amanda Thornton share the extensive collaborative working that’s happening in Lancashire and South Cumbria and the benefits brought to their communities.

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NHS Reset: Why we need a whole pathway approach to restoration and recovery | Henny Braund

04 / 8 / 2020 8am

Henny Braund, chief executive of charity Anthony Nolan, reflects on how voluntary sector partners can help drive improvements in treatment, care and support to meet the full range of patients’ needs

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NHS Reset: A catalyst for change? How the experience of the pandemic will shape community provision in future | Andrew Ridley

04 / 8 / 2020 7.15am

Andrew Ridley, chair of the Community Network, considers whether the pandemic could be the catalyst that ensures NHS community health services receive the resources and recognition they need.

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Another chapter in the COVID-19 story begins... | Niall Dickson

03 / 8 / 2020 8.23am

In response to the letter on phase 3 of the NHS response to the coronavirus pandemic, Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, summarises the expectations laid out and cautions not to raise expectations beyond what can be delivered.

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NHS Reset: Steps are being taken to make managing finances easier for people with poor mental health | Claire Herbert

03 / 8 / 2020 7.29am

The mental health sector anticipates increased demand for services post COVID-19, as both people with pre-existing mental health conditions and the general public are impacted by wider social issues including debt and financial insecurity. Claire Herbert writes on the issue and the steps being taken to tackle it.

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NHS Reset: Community engagement? Don’t they know there’s a pandemic on! | Alex Stewart

29 / 7 / 2020 2.36pm

Alex Stewart tells us how Healthwatch has embraced the changes brought on by the pandemic to work collaboratively across health and social care.

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NHS Reset: Integration and whole-system thinking – it’s all about our people | Alison Lathwell

29 / 7 / 2020 10.04am

Alison Lathwell explores how COVID-19 has propelled joint working across the NHS, social care and wider public sector.

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NHS Reset: Compassionate leadership must become NHS' blueprint | Maz Fosh

29 / 7 / 2020 7.57am

COVID-19 has changed the NHS and social care, precipitating rapid transformation at a time of enhanced pressure and personal and professional challenge, writes Maz Fosh.

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NHS Reset: CICs (social enterprises) have played a key role in the pandemic response and must be empowered in the reset | Andrew Burnell

29 / 7 / 2020 7.15am

Involving CICs in system-wide conversations can help build a more inclusive future with fewer boundaries to service delivery, says Andrew Burnell, group chief executive of City Health Care Partnership CIC

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NHS Reset: What lies ahead for the NHS in the wake of COVID-19? | Niall Dickson

28 / 7 / 2020 11.30pm

Niall Dickson reflects on the experiences of senior health leaders at the helm of NHS organisations at a time of national emergency.

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