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Brexit Health Alliance

Brexit health alliance

Bringing together the NHS, medical research, industry, patients and public health organisations, the Brexit Health Alliance aims to safeguard the interests of patients, and the healthcare and research they rely on, during the UK-EU negotiations on the future relationship.

The Brexit Health Alliance is working to ensure that issues such as healthcare research, access to technologies and treatment of patients are given the prominence and attention they deserve, and argues that it is in both Europe and the UK’s interests to maintain co-operation in research and in handling public health issues. It has also called on the UK government to make sure there is a commitment to medical research and providing alternative funding, and that UK citizens’ right to receive healthcare in EU countries is preserved.

Full details of the Alliance's negotiation priorities can be found in the Prioritising Health in our future relationship with the EU paper. This infographic also provides an at-a-glance summary of the Brexit Health Alliance's key areas of focus. 

The Alliance is complementary and works in synergy with the Cavendish Coalition, which brings together a group of 37 health and social care organisations and focuses on addressing the potential impacts of the UK's exit from the EU on the health and social care workforce.

What are the Alliance's key areas of focus?

The Alliance does not take any stance on the merits or otherwise of the UK's exit from the EU. Its aim is to make sure that we are in the strongest possible position at the end of the current transition period, and to this effect it advocates that the negotiations on the future relationship should aim to achieve the following desired outcomes:

  • Supporting maximum levels of research and innovation collaboration
  • Ensuring regulatory alignment for the benefit of patients and the public’s health
  • Ensuring robust coordination mechanisms on public health and wellbeing
  • Securing a strong funding commitment to the health sector and the public’s health

Campaigns and briefings

The Alliance has run a series of campaigns in each of these areas to highlight its concerns and ensure they are given the prominence and attention they deserve as the UK negotiates its future relationship with the EU.

You can find out more about the campaigns conducted so far on our Brexit implications for health and social care page, with quick access to Brexit Health Alliance briefings and infographics here.

The Alliance continues to engage with Lords, MPs and other elected representatives to ensure health remains at the heart of the UK-EU future relationship negotiation process.

Who are the Alliance’s founding members?

  • Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
  • Association of Medical Research Charities
  • Association of British Health Tech Industries
  • Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Association of UK University Hospitals
  • BioIndustry Association
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Medical Schools Council
  • National Voices
  • NHS Confederation (including Mental Health Network, NHS Clinical Commissioners, NHS Employers, NHS Partners Network)
  • NHS Providers 
  • Northern Ireland Confederation for Health and Social Care
  • Richmond Group of Charities
  • Scottish NHS Chief Executive Group
  • Welsh NHS Confederation.


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