Acronym Buster



    Scottish Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards

  • SAFA

    Safeguarding Adults From Abuse

  • SAM

    Society for Acute Medicine

  • SAR

    subject access request

  • SARS

    severe acute respiratory syndrome

  • SAS

    Scottish Ambulance Service

  • SAS

    staff and associated specialist (doctors)

  • SASM

    Scottish Audit of Surgical Mortality

  • SAU

    surgical assessment unit

  • SBS

    (NHS) Shared Business Services

  • SCAS

    South Central Ambulance Service

  • SCC

    strategic coordination centre

  • SCCI

    Stansardisation Committee for Care Information

  • SCCR

    single community care record

  • SCG

    specialised commissioning group

  • SCG

    strategic coordination group

  • SCI

    Scottish care information

  • SCIE

    Social Care Institute for Excellence

  • SCN

    strategic clinical network

  • SCR

    summary care record


    safe, caring, responsive, effective, well-led

  • SCS

    senior civil servants

  • SCVO

    Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

  • SDO

    service delivery and organisation

  • SDU

    (NHS) Sustainable Development Unit

  • SDU

    Sterilisation and Disinfection Unit

  • SEIF

    Social Enterprise Investment Fund

  • SEN

    special educational need


    safe effective quality occupational health service

  • SES

    Single Equality Scheme (Department of Health)

  • SFA

    statement of fees and allowances

  • SfC

    Skills for Care

  • SfH

    Skills for Health

  • SGHD

    Scottish Government health directorates

  • SHA

    strategic health authority (and special health authority)

  • SHMI

    summary hospital mortality indicator

  • SHMI

    summary hospital-level mortality indicator

  • SHO

    senior house officer

  • SHOW

    Scottish Health on the Web


    Strategic Human Resources Information Network

  • SI

    serious incident

  • SID

    senior independent director

  • SIGN

    Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

  • SIRI

    serious incident requiring investigation

  • SIRO

    senior information risk owner

  • SIRS

    security incident reporting system

  • SLA

    Scottish Lifesciences Association

  • SLA

    service level agreement

  • SLCS

    southern local clinical systems

  • SLR

    service-line reporting

  • SLT

    speech and language therapy

  • SMAC

    Standing Medical Advisory Committee

  • SMC

    Scottish Medicines Consortium

  • SMDU

    strategic market development unit (Department of Health)

  • SMR

    standardised mortality ratio

  • SNOD

    specialist nurse: organ donation


    systematised nomenclature of medicine

  • SOAR

    Scottish online appraisal record

  • SOC

    strategic outline case

  • SoCF

    statement of cash flows

  • SoFP

    statement of financial position

  • SOR

    Society of Radiographers

  • SPA

    single point of access

  • SPA

    special programmed activity

  • SPC

    specialist palliative care

  • SPC

    statistical process control

  • SPF

    Social Partnership Forum

  • SPG

    Strategic Planning Group

  • SPI

    Scientific Pandemic Influenza Advisory Committee

  • SPMS

    specialist provider of medical services

  • SPN

    special patient notes

  • SPOR

    single point of referral

  • SPSP

    scottish patient safety programme

  • SRB

    single regeneration budget

  • SRG

    system resilience group

  • SRO

    senior responsible officer

  • SRP

    structural reform plan

  • SSA

    standard spending assessment

  • SSC

    shared service centre


    Specialised Services Commissioning Innovation Fund

  • SSEM

    short stay emergency tariff

  • SSRB

    Senior Salaries Review Body

  • ST&T

    scientific, therapeutic and technical (staff)

  • STF

    Sustainability and Transformation Fund

  • STP

    sustainability and transformation partnership (formerly plan)

  • SUI

    serious untoward incident

  • SUS

    secondary uses service


    suspected unexpected serious adverse reactions

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