Acronym Buster


  • PA

    physician assistant

  • PA

    programmed activity

  • PAB

    professional advisory board

  • PAC

    (House of Commons) public accounts committee

  • PACS

    picture archiving and communications system

  • PACS

    primary and acute care system

  • PAF

    performance assessment framework

  • PALS

    patient advice and liaison service

  • PAM

    Patient Activation Measure

  • PAR

    patient at risk

  • PAS

    patient administration system


    (NICE) Patient Access Scheme Liaison Unit

  • PASS

    Patient Advice and Support Service (Scotland)

  • PBC

    practice-based commissioning

  • PbR

    payment by results

  • PBS

    positive behavioural support

  • PBS

    positive behavioural support

  • PCC

    police and crime commissioner

  • PCEC

    patient client experience committee

  • PCIP

    primary care investment plan

  • PCO

    primary care organisation

  • PCP

    person centred plan


    prostate cancer risk management programme

  • PCS

    productive community services

  • PCT

    primary care trust


    primary care trust-provided services

  • PDA

    patient decision aid

  • PDC

    public dividend capital

  • PDC

    Public Dividend Capital

  • PDD

    predicted date of discharge

  • PDP

    personal development plan

  • PEAT

    patient environment action team

  • PEC

    professional executive committee (of PCT)

  • PFI

    private finance initiative

  • PGD

    patient group direction

  • PGMC

    post graduate medical centre

  • PHB

    personal health budget

  • PHE

    Public Health England

  • PHO

    public health observatory

  • PHOF

    Public Health Outcomes Framework

  • PhwSI

    pharmacist with special interst

  • PICD

    procurement, investment and commercial division (DH)

  • PICU

    psychiatric intensive care unit

  • PID

    project initiation document

  • PIG

    policy implementation guide

  • PII

    patient/ person identifiable information


    parent and infant mental health service


    perinatal and infant mental health service

  • PIP

    personal independence payment


    patient-led assessments of the care environment

  • PLC

    Pigmented Lesion Clinic

  • PLIC

    patient-level information and costing


    paramedic medical emergency response incident teams

  • PMHL

    paediatric mental health liaison

  • PMHW

    productive mental health ward

  • PMI

    private medical insurance

  • PMS

    personal medical services

  • PNA

    pharmaceutical needs assessment

  • POAC

    pre-operative assessment clinic

  • POCT

    Point of Care Testing

  • POET

    personal budgets outcomes and evaluation tool

  • POM

    prescription-only medicines

  • POPP

    Partnerships for Older People Project


    Partnership for Occupational Safety and Health in Healthcare

  • PP

    Paramedic Practitioner

  • PPC

    (prescription) pre-payment certificate

  • PPE

    patient and public engagement

  • PPF

    priorities and planning framework

  • PPG

    patient participation group

  • PPI

    patient and public involvement

  • PPIC

    private patient income cap

  • PPIF

    patient and public involvement forum

  • PPM

    planned preventative management

  • PPO

    preferred provider organisation

  • PPP

    public–private partnership

  • PPRS

    Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme

  • PPU

    private patient units

  • PPV

    patient and public voice

  • PRB

    pay review body

  • PRCC

    Principles and Rules for Cooperation and Competition

  • PREM

    patient reported experience measure

  • PRF

    Patient Report Form

  • PROM

    patient-reported outcome measure

  • PRP

    policy research programme

  • PRSB

    Professional Record Standards Body

  • PS

    protected services

  • PSA

    Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care

  • PSA

    Prostate Specific Antigen

  • PSA

    public service agreement

  • PSD

    patient specific direction

  • PSED

    public sector equality duty

  • PSNC

    Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

  • PSS

    personal social services

  • PT


  • PT


  • PTL

    patient tracking list

  • PTS

    patient transport service

  • PTS

    psychological therapies service

  • PWP

    psychological wellbeing practitioner

  • PYLL

    potential years of life lost

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