Acronym Buster


  • N3

    new national network

  • NA

    Nurse Assistant

  • NAG

    National Advisory Group


    National Advisory Group on Clinical Audit and Enquiries


    National Association of Medical Personnel Specialists

  • NAO

    National Audit Office

  • NAPC

    National Association of Primary Care

  • NARU

    National Ambulance Resilience Unit

  • NAW

    National Assembly for Wales

  • NBAP

    national booked admissions programme

  • NBI

    national beds inquiry

  • NBS

    Newborn Blood Spot

  • NCAF

    National Clinical Audit Forum


    National Clinical Audit and Patients’ Outcomes Programme

  • NCAS

    National Clinical Assessment Service


    National Clinical Audit Support Programme

  • NCD

    national clinical director

  • NCE

    national confidential enquiry


    National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death

  • NCG

    National Commissioning Group

  • NCIN

    National Cancer Intelligence Network

  • NCM

    News Care Models

  • NCRS

    National Cancer Registry Service

  • NCVO

    National Council for Voluntary Organisations

  • NDA

    National Diabetes Audit

  • NDIS

    National Diabetes Information Service

  • NDPB

    non-departmental public body

  • NEAT

    new and emerging applications of technology

  • NED

    non-executive director

  • NEF

    New Economics Foundation

  • NEL


  • NES

    national enhanced services

  • NES

    NHS Education for Scotland

  • NEWS

    national early warning score

  • nGMS

    new general medical services (contract)

  • NHL

    Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

  • NHS

    LIFT NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust

  • NHS

    QIS NHS Quality Improvement Scotland

  • NHS

    TEF NHS Transitional Executive Forum

  • NHS IQ

    NHS Improving Quality


    NHS Business Authority Services


    NHS Blood and Transplant


    NHS Commissioning Board


    NHS Clinical Commissioners

  • NHSE

    NHS Employers

  • NHSE

    NHS England

  • NHSI

    NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement


    NHS Information Centre


    NHS Litigation Authority


    NHS Outcomes Framework


    NHS Pension Scheme


    NHS Registration Authority

  • NHST

    NHS trust

  • NIA

    Northern Ireland Assembly

  • NIAO

    Northern Ireland Audit Office

  • NIC

    national insurance contribution

  • NIC

    (NHS) National Innovation Centre

  • NICE

    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

  • NICU

    neonatal intensive care unit

  • NIGB

    National Information Governance Board

  • NIHR

    National Institute for Health Research

  • NIO

    Northern Ireland Office

  • NJR

    National Joint Registry


    National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare (Wales)

  • NLOP

    National Programme for IT local ownership programme

  • NLPH

    National Library for Public Health

  • NMC

    Nursing and Midwifery Council

  • NMS

    New Medicine Service


    National Network of Clinical Procurement Specialists

  • NNU

    neonatal unit


    national office for clinical research infrastructure

  • NOF

    New Opportunities Fund

  • NOG

    National Oversight Group (for high-security hospitals)

  • NORS

    National Organ Retrieval Service

  • NPDG

    National PALS Development Group

  • NPfIT

    National Programme for IT (in the NHS)

  • NPG

    national priorities guidance

  • NPSA

    National Patient Safety Agency

  • NQB

    National Quality Board

  • NQR

    national quality requirement

  • NRAC

    NHS Scotland resource allocation committee

  • NRCI

    national reference cost index

  • NRES

    National Research Ethics Service

  • NRLS

    National Reporting and Learning Service

  • NRLS

    national reporting and learning system

  • NRT

    nicotine replacement therapy

  • NSCG

    National Specialist Commissioning Group

  • NSCP

    North Somerset Community Partnership

  • NSF

    national service framework

  • NSR

    Next Stage Review

  • NSRC

    national schedule of reference costs

  • NSS

    National Services Scotland

  • NTA

    National Treatment Agency (for Substance Misuse)

  • NTAC

    NHS Technology Adoption Centre

  • NTAG

    National Tariff Advisory Group (NHS England)

  • NTD

    National Tariff Document


    NHS Trust Development Authority

  • NTO

    national training organisation

  • NWP

    (NHS) national workforce projects

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