Acronym Buster


  • MAC

    Migration Advisory Committee


    medical and dental education levy

  • MAR

    monthly activity return

  • MARS

    Medical Appraisaland Revalidation System (Wales)

  • MARS

    mutually agreed resignation scheme

  • MASH

    Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub

  • MAU

    medical assessment unit

  • MBC

    Metropolitan Borough Council

  • MCN

    managed clinical network

  • MCO

    managed care organisation

  • MCP

    multispecialty community provider

  • MCP

    multi-specialty community provider

  • MDA

    medical device alert

  • MDHU

    Ministry of Defence hospital unit

  • MDT

    multi-disciplinary team

  • MDT

    multi-drug therapy

  • MEE

    Medical Education England


    medical emergency response incident teams


    (Mnemonic) Major incident standby/declared Exact location Type of incident Hazards present or suspected Access and egress - safe routes to use Number, type, severity of casualties Emergency services present & those required

  • MFF

    market forces factor

  • MHCT

    mental health clustering tool

  • MHLD

    Mental Health of Learning Disability


    Mental Health and Learning Disability Data Set


    mental health minimum dataset

  • MHRA

    Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

  • MHRT

    mental health review tribunal

  • MIP

    Managers in Partnership

  • MIU

    minor injuries unit

  • MLA

    Member of the Legislative Assembly (Northern Ireland)

  • MLU

    midwife led unit

  • MMC

    Modernising Medical Careers

  • MMH

    maternal mental health

  • MMHA

    Maternal Mental Health Alliance

  • MMR

    measles, mumps, rubella (vaccination)

  • MoJ

    Ministry of Justice

  • MPET

    multi-professional education and training

  • MPIG

    minimum practice income guarantee

  • MQI

    measuring for quality improvement

  • MRC

    Medical Research Council

  • MRI

    magnetic resonance imaging

  • MRSA

    methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

  • MSC

    modernising scientific careers

  • MSP

    Member of the Scottish Parliament

  • MST

    multi-systemic therapy

  • MTC

    major trauma centre

  • MTS

    (NHS) management training scheme

  • MUR

    medicines use review

  • MUS

    medically unexplained symptoms

  • MWIA

    mental well-being impact assessment

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