Acronym Buster


  • LA

    local authority

  • LAA

    local area agreement

  • LAC

    looked after children

  • LAL

    local authority letter

  • LAS

    locum appointment for service

  • LAT

    locum appointment for training

  • LCFS

    local counter fraud specialist

  • LCP

    Liverpool Care Pathway

  • LDP

    local delivery plan

  • LDPB

    Learning Disability Partnership Board

  • LEP

    local enterprise partnership

  • LES

    local enhanced services

  • LETBs

    local education and training boards

  • LGA

    Local Government Association

  • LHA

    Local Health Authority

  • LHB

    local health board (Wales)

  • LHP

    local health plan

  • LHRP

    local health resilience partnership

  • LHW

    local HealthWatch

  • LINk

    local involvement network

  • LIS

    local implementation strategy

  • LIT

    local implementation team

  • LKS

    library and knowledge service

  • LMC

    local medical committee

  • LOS

    Length of Stay

  • LPN

    local professional network

  • LPSA

    local public service agreement

  • LQAF

    (NHS) Library Quality Assurance Framework

  • LRF

    local resilience forum

  • LSCB

    local safeguarding children board

  • LSP

    local service provider

  • LSP

    local strategic partnership

  • LTA

    long-term agreement

  • LTC

    long-term conditions

  • LTH

    Leeds Teaching Hospitals

  • LWAB

    local workforce action board

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Are we doing the best we can for our local communities? | Sonia Roschnik

17 / 10 / 2018 11.32pm

The NHS is often the largest procurer, employer and polluter in a local area. So how can health and care leaders ensure their organisation is doing the best it can for their local community? Sonia Roschnik explains.

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