Acronym Buster


  • IAA

    information asset administrator

  • IAO

    information asset owner

  • IAPT

    Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (programme)

  • IBP

    integrated business plan

  • IC

    information commissioner

  • ICAS

    Independent Complaints Advocacy Service


    Integrated Care and Support Exchange

  • ICD

    international classification of diseases

  • ICER

    incremental cost effectiveness ratio

  • ICO

    integrated care organisation

  • ICP

    integrated care pathway

  • ICP

    integrated care pilot

  • ICR

    (NHS) Injury Costs Recovery Scheme

  • ICS

    integrated care systems

  • ICT

    information and communication technology

  • ICU

    intensive care unit

  • IDCR

    integrated digital care record

  • IDVA

    independent domestic violence adviser

  • IFR

    individual funding request

  • IG

    information governance

  • IGTK

    information governance toolkit

  • IHAM

    indicative hospital activity model

  • IHI

    Institute for Healthcare Improvement

  • IHW

    innovation health and wealth

  • IM&T

    information management and technology

  • IMAS

    interim management and support

  • IMB

    integrated management board

  • IMC

    intermediate care

  • IMCA

    independent mental capacity advocate

  • ImROC

    Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change(programme)

  • IP

    information prescriptions

  • IP


  • IPC

    integrated personal commissioning

  • IPN

    Infection Prevention Nurse

  • IPR

    individual performance review

  • IPS

    individual placement and support


    Independent Patient Safety Investigation Service

  • IQI

    indicators for quality improvement

  • IQSP

    Improving Quality Supporting Practices initiatives

  • IRP

    Independent Reconfiguration Panel

  • ISA

    Independent Safeguarding Authority

  • ISB

    Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care


    Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service

  • ISCG

    Informatics Services Commissioning Group

  • ISD

    Information and Statistics Division (Scotland)

  • ISMS

    information security management system

  • ISN

    information standard notice

  • ISP

    independent sector provider

  • IST

    Intensive Support Team

  • ISTC

    independent sector treatment centre

  • IWL

    Improving Working Lives

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