Acronym Buster


  • E&D

    equality and diversity

  • EAU

    emergency assessment unit

  • EBCD

    experience-based co-design

  • EBH

    evidence-based healthcare


    earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation

  • EBM

    evidence-based medicine

  • EBS

    emergency bed service

  • ECA

    emergency care assistant

  • ECAP

    Emergency Care Action Plan

  • ECCT

    extended community care team (NHS Scotland)

  • ECHR

    European Convention on Human Rights

  • ECIP

    Emergency Care Improvement Programme


    Emergency Care Intensive Support Team

  • ECJ

    European Court of Justice

  • ECN

    extended choice network

  • ECSW

    Emergency Care Support Worker

  • ECT

    enhanced care teams

  • ED

    emergency department

  • EDC

    emergency dispatch centre

  • EDC

    (NHS) Equality and Diversity Council

  • EDD

    estimated date of discharge

  • EDS

    (NHS) Equality Delivery System

  • EFL

    external financing limit

  • e-GIF

    (electronic) Government Interoperability Framework

  • EHC

    emergency hormonal contraception

  • EHIC

    European health insurance card

  • EHPF

    European Health Policy Forum

  • EHR

    electronic health record

  • EHRG

    equality and human rights group (Department of Health)

  • EI

    early intervention

  • EIA

    equality impact assessment

  • EIP

    early intervention in psychosis

  • e-KSF

    (electronic) Knowledge and Skills Framework

  • EM

    emergency medicine


    executive non-departmental public body

  • ENT

    ear, nose and throat

  • EO

    employers’ organisation

  • EOC

    emergency operation centre

  • EOF

    Education Outcomes Framework

  • EOLC

    End of Life Care

  • EPaCCS

    electronic palliative care coordination systems

  • EPP

    Expert Patient Programme

  • EPR

    electronic patient record

  • EPRR

    emergency preparedness, resilience and response

  • EPS

    electronic prescription service

  • ERDB

    England Revalidation Delivery Board

  • ERIC

    Estates Return Information Collection

  • ERMA

    emergency response management arrangements

  • ESD

    early supported discharge

  • ESIF

    European Structural and Investment Fund

  • ESR

    electronic staff record

  • ETP

    electronic transmission of prescriptions

  • ETS

    emissions trading scheme (EU)

  • EWTD

    European working-time directive

  • EYFS

    early years foundation stage

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