Acronym Buster


  • CAA

    comprehensive area assessment

  • CAG

    clinical academic group

  • CAG

    Confidentiality Advisory Group

  • CAJE

    computer aided job evaluation

  • CAM

    cancer awareness measure


    child and adolescent mental health services

  • CAP

    Community Acquired Pneumonia

  • Capex

    capital expenditure

  • CARU

    clinical audit and research unit

  • CAS

    Central Alert System

  • CAT

    computerised axial tomography (scan)

  • CAT

    crisis assessment and treatment

  • CAU

    Child and Adolescent Unit

  • CAU

    clinical assessment unit


    catheter associated urinary tract infection


    chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive hazards

  • CBT

    cognitive behavioural therapy

  • c-CBT

    computerised cognitive behavioural therapy

  • CCG

    clinical commissioning group

  • CCH

    care closer to home

  • CCP

    Co-operation and Competition Panel

  • CCP

    critical care paramedic

  • CCT

    community care team

  • CCU

    coronary care unit

  • CD

    controlled drugs

  • CDF

    Cancer Drugs Fund

  • CDMI

    Clinical Digital Maturity Index

  • CDO

    chief dental officer

  • CDS

    commissioning data sets

  • CDU

    clinical decision unit

  • CEA

    clinical excellence awards

  • CEAC

    Clinical and Excellence Awards Committee (Northern Ireland)

  • CEM

    College of Emergency Medicine


    Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health

  • CEP

    Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing

  • CEPN

    community education provider network

  • CES

    care episode service

  • CETR

    care, education and treament review

  • CFH

    (NHS) Connecting for Health

  • CFR

    community first responder

  • CfWI

    Centre for Workforce Intelligence

  • CGAS

    children's global assessment scale

  • CHC

    community health council

  • CHC

    NHS continuing healthcare

  • CHCP

    community health and care partnership (Scotland)

  • CHD

    coronary heart disease

  • CHI

    community health index (Scotland)

  • CHMS

    community health and miscellaneous services

  • CHP

    community health partnership (Scotland)


    care hours per patient day

  • CHRE

    Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence

  • CIC

    community interest company

  • CIMP

    clinical information management programme

  • CIO

    chief information officer

  • CIP

    continuous improvement process

  • CIP

    cost improvement plan

  • CIP

    cost improvement programme

  • CKD

    chronic kidney disease


    collaboration for leadership in applied health research and care

  • CLG

    (Department of) Communities and Local Government

  • CLN

    clinical lead nurse

  • CLOD

    clinical lead: organ donation

  • ClSQM

    clinical service quality measure

  • CM

    community matron

  • CMB

    corporate management board (Department of Health)

  • CMD

    common mental disorder

  • CME

    continuing medical education

  • CMG

    Clinical management groups

  • CMHN

    community mental health nurse

  • CMHT

    community mental health team

  • CMO

    chief medical officer

  • CNO

    chief nursing officer

  • CNST

    Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts

  • CO

    Cabinet Office


    capitated outcomes-based incentivised contracts

  • COF

    Commissioning Outcomes Framework

  • COG

    Clinical Operations Group

  • COG

    Council of Governors


    Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment


    Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants

  • CONI

    care of the next infant

  • COO

    chief operating officer

  • COPD

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • CoSI

    co-ordinated, safe, integrated


    Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

  • CPA

    Clinical Pathology Accreditation

  • CPA

    care programme approach

  • CPAG

    Clinical Priorities Advisory Group (Department of Health subcommittee)

  • CPCF

    Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework

  • CPD

    continuing professional development

  • CPN

    community psychiatric nurse

  • CPPE

    Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education

  • CPR

    Child Protection Register

  • CPT

    contingency planning team

  • CQC

    Care Quality Commission

  • CQI

    clinical quality indicator

  • CQRS

    Calculating Quality Reporting Service


    commissioning for quality and innovation

  • CRB

    Criminal Records Bureau

  • CRD

    Centre Reviews and Dissemination (n.b note change from Research to Reviews)

  • CRES

    cash releasing efficiency scheme

  • CRG

    clinical reference group

  • CRL

    capital resource limit

  • CRN

    Clinical Research Network

  • CROM

    clinician reported outcome measure

  • CRS

    commissioner requested services

  • CRS

    (NHS) Care Records Service

  • CSA

    Common Services Agency

  • CSF

    Commissioner Sustainability Fund

  • CSO

    chief scientific officer

  • CSO

    civil society organisation

  • CSO

    commissioning support organisation

  • CSP

    Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

  • CSP

    community safety partnership

  • CSQM

    Clinical Service Quality Measures

  • CSR

    comprehensive spending review

  • CSS

    commissioning support service

  • CSU

    clinical service unit

  • CSU

    commercial support unit

  • CSU

    commissioning support unit

  • CTLD

    community team for learning disabilities

  • CTO

    community treatment order

  • CTO

    compulsory treatment order

  • CTP

    care trust plus

  • CYT

    community youth team

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