Acronym Buster


  • A&E

    accident and emergency

  • AAA

    abdominal aortic aneurysm

  • AAC

    Accelerated Access Collaborative/ Augmented and Alternative Communication/ Advisory Appointments Committees

  • AAC

    Appointments Advisory Committee

  • AACE

    Association of Ambulance Chief Executives

  • AAND

    allow a natural death

  • AAR

    Accelerated Access Review

  • AAR

    After Action Review / Accelerated Access Review

  • AAU

    acute assessment unit

  • ABHI

    Association of British Healthcare Industries

  • ABPI

    Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

  • AC

    Audit Commission

  • ACAD

    ambulatory care and diagnostic unit

  • ACC

    acute care collaboration


    Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards

  • ACDP

    Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens


    Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations

  • ACG

    adjusted clinical group

  • ACO

    accountable care organisation

  • ACP

    accountable care partnerships

  • ACP

    accountable care partnerships/ advanced clincal practice

  • ACP

    advanced care plan

  • ACRA

    Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation

  • ACS

    accountable care systems

  • ACS

    acute cardiac syndrome

  • ACS

    ambulatory care-sensitive (conditions)

  • ACU

    Ambulatory Care Unit


    Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

  • ADCS

    Association of Directors of Children's Services

  • AEC

    ambulatory emergency care

  • AF

    atrial fibrillation

  • AfC

    Agenda for Change

  • AfPP

    Association for Perioperative Practice


    Advisory Group for National Specialised Services

  • AGS

    Annual Governance Statement

  • AHCS

    Academy for Healthcare Science

  • AHP

    allied health professional

  • AHSC

    academic health science centre

  • AHSN

    academic health science network

  • AIR

    Annual Innovation Report (strategic health authority)

  • AIR

    (strategic health authority) annual innovation report

  • AKI

    acute kidney injury

  • ALB

    arm’s-length body

  • ALE

    auditors’ local evaluation

  • ALTO

    arm's-length trading organisation

  • AM

    Assembly Member (Wales)

  • AMD

    age related macular degeneration

  • AMD

    age-related macular degeneration

  • AME

    annually managed expenditure

  • AMHP

    Approved Mental Health Professional

  • AMR

    antimicrobial resistance

  • AMU

    acute medical unit

  • AND

    allow natural death

  • ANP

    advanced nurse practitioner

  • AoMRC

    Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

  • AP

    assistant practitioner

  • APB

    Autism Partnership Board

  • APC

    admitted patient care

  • APMS

    alternative provider medical services

  • APT

    anatomical pathology technologist

  • AQI

    ambulance quality indicator

  • AQN

    Activity Quert Notice (issued by CCG)

  • AQP

    any qualified provider

  • AQuA

    Advancing Quality Alliance

  • ARCP

    annual review of competency progression


    Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework

  • ASI

    appointment slot issues

  • ASN

    Ambulance Service Network

  • ASPC

    Association of Surgeons in Primary Care

  • ASPiH

    Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare

  • AT

    area team

  • ATO

    Assistant Technical Officer

  • ATO

    Assistant Theatre Operator

  • AVR

    Accredited Voluntary Registers

  • AWD

    agency workers directive

  • AWR

    agency workers regulations

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