Campaign themes


NHS Reset has ten key themes which span a range of issues affecting how health and care services are planned, delivered and experienced across the UK.  

This section spotlights each theme, exploring the main issues and our areas of focus during the campaign. It also details how you, whether from a member or partner organisation, can get involved. We are committed to working with a range of patient charities and groups to help ensure their voice informs our work.

NHS Reset is more than a conversation – it’s a call to action, a movement for change. Be part of the movement by sharing your views, experiences and ideas, shaping the debate and spreading the word using #NHSReset

NHS Reset is part funded through sponsorship by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited.


Health and care workforce

What do employers need to enable them to attract, recruit, train, develop, deploy and best support their workforce?

Metal health

Mental health

As the system prepares for the mental health aftermath of COVID-19, what will be needed to meet increased demand, safeguard staff wellbeing and support some of the most vulnerable in our society?

Restoration and recovery

Restoration and recovery

The way that core NHS services resume and work alongside COVID-19 will be one of the biggest challenges healthcare policymakers, leaders and clinicians will have faced for decades. How can the system approach this in the best way?

Health inequalities

Health inequalities

How can the health and care sector help to address the geographic, socio-economic and socio-demographic inequalities exposed by the pandemic?

Governance and regulation

Governance and regulation

Does the national architecture and culture of assurance and regulation need to change?

Integration and whole system thinking

Integration and whole-system thinking

What should system and place level working need to look like and how could they be enabled?

Social and economic recovery

Economic and social recovery

What role can the health service play in post pandemic economic and social recovery?

Social care

Social care

The COVID-19 crisis has once again demonstrated the need for a new settlement for social care and highlighted the critical role the sector plays in the delivery of health and care services.

Best practice and innovation

Best practice and innovation

This period has seen an explosion of innovation. This theme will help to uncover, spread and celebrate the innovations of the coronavirus period that have supported patients, staff and systems at a time of national emergency.

A new relationship

A new relationship between the NHS, public services and communities

Does COVID-19 provide the starting point for a new relationship between the NHS, other public services and the communities we serve?

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