Transformation timeline

At a glance


National bodies:

Local health and care systems:

  • 18 January: Submitted 2015/16 baseline agreement checkpoint.
  • 29 January: Submitted proposals for sustainability and transformation plan (STP) footprints.
    • submitted expressions of interest in trialling two new approaches to care, relevant to secondary mental health providers and small district general hospitals.


National bodies:

Local health and care systems:

  • 8 February: Began contract tracker collection.
  • 8 February: Submitted draft financial plan, workforce plan and activity plan by organisation.
  • 8 February: Submitted the first full draft of 16/17 operational plans.


National bodies:

  • 10 March: NHS Improvement issued further guidance on the Sustainability and Transformation Fund and financial controls for 2016/17.
  • 11 March: Monitor and NHS England confirmed that the statutory objection thresholds for the national tariff had not been met.
  • 15 March: Published STP footprints.
  • 23 March: Monitor and NHS England published the national tariff for 2016/17.
  • 23 March: NHS Improvement published the latest economic assumptions for NHS provider inflation over the period 2016/17 to 2020/21.
Local health and care systems:

  • 2 March: CCGs submitted updated full draft plans.
  • 2 March: Made first BCF submission.
  • 4 March: Providers re-submitted 2016/17 activity plans.
  • 21 March: Second submission of BCF plans made, following assurance and feedback.
  • 23 March: National contract stock take. Where contracts were not signed and the contract signature deadline of 31 March at risk, local areas decided whether to enter mediation. *Original date was 15 March.*
  • 23 March to 22 April: Contract mediation held. *Original date was 17 March to 7 April.*
  • By 31 March: Budgets and final plans were approved.


National bodies:

  • By 8 April: Confirmed assurance of draft BCF plans.
  • During April and May: To provide ongoing engagement and support from national policy experts and teams to support priority development.
Local health and care systems:

  • 1 April: The 2016/17 national tariff came into effect.
  • 1 April: Begin implementation of Better Care Fund phase two.
  • 11 April: Submitted final 16/17 operational plans, aligned with contracts. *Original date 11 April.*
  • 15 April: Submitted a 'short return' on their priorities, gap analysis and governance arrangements. *Original date 11 April.*
  • 18 April: Submitted final financial plan, workforce plan, and activity plan by organisation.
  • W/c 22 April: Transformation footprints to attend regional events to discuss emerging plans with peers and national bodies.
  • 25 April: Obtained final contract signatures to avoid arbitration. *Original date 8 April.*
  • 25 April: Submitted arbitration paperwork (or letter of explanation) where contracts were not signed. *Original date 8 April.*
  • 25 April: Submitted final BCF plans, signed off by health and wellbeing boards.
  • 26 April to 10 May: Held contract arbitration panels and / or hearings. *Original dates 11 April to 25 April.*


Local health and care systems:

  • During May, May and early June: "Each footprint area to develop plans and build support with their boards and partners, as set out in local governance arrangements'. Further details can be found in this letter.
  • By 13 May: Completed and signed contract and schedule revisions reflecting arbitration findings -- they had to be signed by both parties. *Original date 3 May.*


Local health and care systems:

  • By 30 June: Submitted full STPs.


National bodies will:

  • Throughout the month: Hold a series of regional conversations between national teams and footprints
  • By the end of July: Assess and review STPs.






Local health and care systems need to:

  • 21 October: Submit final STPs.





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