Plaid Cymru

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Plaid Cymru’s manifesto makes the following pledges:

Medical recruitment and training 

  • Recruit an additional 1,000 doctors
  • Recruit an additional 5,000 nurses
  • Establish a medical school in the north of Wales

Social care

  • Introduce a social care rescue plan for independent living and increase the role of community hospitals
  • Improve integration of health and social care services
  • Introduce a carers’ contract to support those who care for others

Public health

  • Introduce a target to save 10,000 lives over a ten-year period
  • Introduce measures encompassing public health and promoting individual lifestyle changes
  • Ensure earlier diagnosis of diseases
  • Improve access to life-saving treatments

Mental health

  • Continue to campaign for increased mental health funding 
  • Push for improved access to trained counsellors and therapists in the community

Defending Welsh interests 

  • Protect 200,000 jobs by ensuring that Wales can continue to buy and sell to Europe without any costly trading barriers
  • Secure the money promised to Wales by the Leave campaign during the EU referendum
  • Fight to get the best possible Brexit deal for Welsh industry and agriculture
  • Guarantee the rights of all Europeans currently living and working in Wales

A stronger Wales

  • Legislate to protect Wales’ sovereignty and democracy
  • Give the National Assembly for Wales the powers it needs to properly represent Wales
  • Push for a new independent commission to oversee an agreed way of redistributing funds across the UK on a needs-based formula
  • Ensure that the National Assembly endorses decisions made in Westminster which have major implications on devolved functions, for instance all future trade deals

Protecting Welsh jobs

  • Fight to ensure that £4.3bn in public sector contracts are spent in Wales
  • Introduce a real, independently verified, Living Wage
  • Set up a £7.5bn investment programme to fund vital infrastructure projects

Social security

  • Ensure veterans receive health care and have access to adequate housing
  • Push for social security powers to be devolved to the National Assembly
  • Ban private firms from carrying out benefits assessments for profit
  • Scrap the “bedroom tax”
  • Continue to fight against the ‘rape clause’s
  • Support disabled people into employment without facing the threat of sanctions
  • Oppose the centralisation of tax offices in Wales by pushing for job centres to be kept open
  • Ensure a Living Pension and fight to guarantee the Triple Lock
  • Continue to oppose increases in the state pension retirement age
  • Establish an independent review into the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme surplus

Giving every child a chance

  • Create an incentive for students to remain or return to live and work in Wales after graduation

Justice and policing

  • Publish a human rights charter to defend Welsh people against the repeal of the Human Rights Act

On the global stage

  • Create a Welsh Migration Advisory Service and Welsh-specific visas to plug skill gaps
  • Take international students out of net migration targets

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