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The Lib Dem manifesto makes the following pledges:


  • Putting a penny in the pound on income tax to fund NHS and social care service
  • Immediate 1p rise on basic, higher and additional rates of income tax to raise £6bn ring-fenced NHS revenue
  • Eventually replace this 1p tax with a dedicated health and care tax, possibly based on a reform of NI contributions
  • Establish cross-party health and social care convention to look at the practicalities of greater health & social integration
  • Introduce a statutory independent budget monitoring agency for health


  • Produce a national workforce strategy to combat medical staff shortages
  • Guarantee the right-to-remain of all NHS/Social care EU nationals
  • End public sector pay freeze for NHS workers
  • Reinstate student nurse bursaries
  • Support innovation in staff/patient empowerment by NHS organisations
  • Protect NHS whistle-blowers

Mental health

  • Ring-fence funding from the 1p tax for mental health
  • Continue to roll out access and waiting time standards with guarantees of 6 weeks for depression/anxiety therapy
  • Increase access to clinically effective and cost-effective therapies
  • Examine the case for dedicated children & young persons’ service
  • Continue to invest/promote ‘Frontline’ social care grad scheme
  • End out-of-area placements, ensuring close-to-home treatment
  • Ensure LGBT+ mental health services receive funding & support

Joining up health and social care 

  • Implement a cap on the cost of social care
  • Move towards single place-based budgets for health & social care by 2020
  • Remodel health care funding to remove incentives and introduce tariffs
  • Ensure better training in the social care sector & introduce statutory code of conduct
  • Give NHS a legal duty to identify carers and develop a carers passport scheme
  • Provide more choice at the end-of-life and move towards free end-of-life social care
  • Support hospices to expand their services

Community services 

  • Promote easier access to GPs, expanding evening and weekend options
  • Encourage Skype, telephone and online consultations and push GPs to work in federations, enhancing patient choice
  • Provide national support to struggling GP practices
  • Use innovation funding to promote GP-led multidisciplinary health and care ‘hubs’, including mobile services to free up hospital space
  • Offer incentives to GPs & community clinicians to work in deprived areas
  • Ensure pharmacy funding is not changed in such a way as to leave areas out of pharmacy cover
  • Review exemption-from-prescription charges to ensure they are fair to those with long term disabilities

Public health

  • Helping people stay healthy – 40 per cent of NHS funding is spent on preventable diseases, more should be done pre-emptively
  • Move towards a system that empowers people to manage their own health
  • Publish a national wellbeing strategy
  • Implement the recommendations of the O’Neill report on antimicrobial resistance
  • Make PrEP available on the NHS
  • Support awareness campaigns such as Be Clear on Cancer
  • Keep public health within local government
  • Develop a strategy to tackle childhood obesity including restrictions on TV advertising before 9pm and closing loophole on sugary drinks tax
  • Implement the recommendations of the Keogh review
  • Reach a just settlement on contaminate blood

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