Plaid Cymru's Westminster policies

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Plaid Cymru's Westminster manifesto, published on 16 April 2015, states that if the party takes office following the general election, it will:

Quality of care

  • Implement measures to improve dignity in care and hospitals through ensuring sufficient time to care. 
  • Ensure a rigorous and independent Healthcare Inspectorate Wales. 
  • Propose a Medical Accountability Bill, including a duty of candour. 


  • Train and recruit 1,000 additional doctors. 
  • Develop a national workforce plan to ensure sufficient healthcare staff in all parts of Wales. 
  • Increase the number of district and community nurses to support people outside of hospital. 
  • Focus providing training in Wales for more doctors, paramedics, nurses and other professional healthcare workers. 
  • Focus on ensuring sufficient Welsh-speaking healthcare professionals and social workers. 
  • Increase resources for ambulances and staffing to ensure sufficient emergency care available, including advanced practitioners such as nurses and paramedics.

Private sector involvement

  • Reject the marketisation and privatisation of the NHS.
  • Strongly oppose inclusion of NHS within the EU-US free trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Access to services

  • Ensure people receive healthcare in their own home or community; protect and promote the district nursing services, and develop specialist services such as children, older people and palliative care. 
  • Provide funding to assist independent Air Ambulance Service. 
  • Ensure everyone has the same access to an NHS dentist. 
  • Implement a National Cancer Plan and prioritise early diagnosis. Work to ensure all cancer patients have access to specialist cancer nurse.


  • Require all NHS buildings to be energy efficient.

Access to medicines and technology

  • Keep free prescriptions. 
  • Introduce New Medicines and Treatment Fund for treatments not ordinary available for patients on the NHS, with decisions applying nationally across Wales. 
  • Improve IT in healthcare through supporting development of eHealth and Telemedicine. 
  • Support the All Trials campaign for publication of all clinical trials.

Mental health

  • Raise awareness of mental health issues in the workplace and across society. 
  • Increase access to talking therapies, as well as funding support for eating disorders, drug and alcohol treatment and services for young people.

Public health

  • Make it easier for people to access wellbeing facilities and to get active to prevent health problems. 
  • Support a tax on sugary drinks. 
  • Support the introduction of plain packaging on tobacco products. 
  • Introduce better regulation, including stricter marketing rules, on e-cigarettes. 
  • Introduce a 50p minimum price per unit on alcohol sales.

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