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"Taking back our health service"

An at-a-glance guide

The Green Party's general election manifesto and health policy document  pledged to:


  • Immediately increase the NHS budget by £12 billion a year, increase investment in mental health and provide for free dentistry, chiropody and prescriptions in England.
  • Thereafter increase the overall NHS budget annually in real terms by 1.2 per cent. Taken together, this will raise NHS budgets by £20 billion by 2020. 
  • Increase alcohol and tobacco taxes to fund increases in NHS spending.
  • Introduce an NHS tax, earmarked to increase direct funding of the NHS, as part of general income and other taxation.
  • Provide free social care and healthcare for older people, as per the Barker report. This would be at an additional cost of £8 billion a year initially, rising to £9 billion by the end of the Parliament.
  • Restore the proportion of NHS funding in primary care from 7 per to 11 per cent, as per the level in 2005.
  • Divert funding away from centralised facilities towards community healthcare, illness prevention and health promotion.


  • Align NHS pay with inflation and negotiate improved conditions.
  • Expand the workforce to drive the improvement of mental health services.
  • Make companies employing or using NHS-trained healthcare professionals outside the NHS pay an additional training tax.

Private sector involvement

  • Repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2015 and introduce an NHS Reinstatement Bill.
  • Stop further private finance initiative (PFI) contracts.
  • Seek ways to buy out existing PFI contracts, setting aside £5 billion over the next Parliament to do so.


  • More closely integrate primary and hospital care.
  • Review district staffing structures with the aim of integrating hospital-based specialists into primary care and community health workers into hospital practice.

Mental health

  • Ensure no one waits more than 28 days for access to talking therapies.
  • Ensure that anyone requiring a mental health bed has access to one in their local area, unless they need specialist care and treatment.

Foundation trusts

  • Abolish foundation trust status

Local structures

  • Provide local community health structures that would provide a wide range of services, including out-of-hours care.

Political parties' plans

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