Podcast: What the NHS can learn from international healthcare systems

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Featuring insights from leaders across the globe, this podcast series considers what the NHS can learn from international healthcare systems.

Shining a light on a wide range of experiences and unpacking the learning for the NHS, this series provides food for thought as the UK's health and care leaders develop ways to transform care.

Episode 1: New York State, featuring an interview with Jason Helgerson, Medicaid director

  • Jason discusses how New York's Medicaid programme worked against a challenging financial climate to deliver cost-effective, integrated healthcare.

Episode 2: Sweden, featuring an interview with Göran Henriks, chief executive of learning and innovation at Qulturum

  • Göran shares his organisation's approach to culture change, innovation and quality improvement, and discusses what he makes of the NHS.

Episode 3: Denmark, featuring an interview with Dr Jens Winther Jensen, managing director for health in the Southern Denmark Region.

  • Jens gives a glimpse into a new Danish approach to quality which has moved away from a system of hospital accreditation.
Episode 4: Spain, an interview with Santiago Delgado, director of business development at Spanish healthcare provider Ribera Salud. 

  • Santiago reveals all about the Alzira model, a pioneering public-private partnership model spearheaded by Ribera Salud that has revolutionised care across Spain and captured imaginations across the globe.

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For further insights on a range of local, regional and international approaches to health and care, take a look at the sections below:



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