Employment Policy and Procedures


There are 3 levels of Workforce and OD policies in the NHS in Wales as outlined below:-

1 - Essential All Wales policies, e.g. disciplinary, sickness absence, capability
2 - Other All Wales policies, e.g. secondment, special leave
3 - Local policies, i.e. those policies for which it is more beneficial to maintain a local focus due to the makeup/nature of the organisation, e.g. flexible working, inclement weather
All Wales policies (levels 1 and 2) are developed in partnership in line with the protocol for the development of All Wales policies.

Equality impact assessments are also undertaken at national level against the protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010; age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; and sexual orientation.

They are then signed off by the Welsh Partnership Forum before being issued to the Service.

The policies that have been approved are:


Capability Galluogrwydd
Dignity at Work Proses Urddaith yn y Gwaith
Dignity at Work Flowchart Proses Urddaith yn y Gwaith Siart Llif
Disciplinary Disgyblu
Employment Break Scheme Seibiant Cyflogaeth
Grievance Cwynion
Managing Attendance at Work Rheoli Presenoldeb yn y Gwaith
Menopause Menopos
Organisational Change Policy
- Appendix 5 Redeployment
Newid Sefydliadol
Pay progression Policy
 - Pay progression policy FAQs

Polisi ar Ddatblygiad Cyflog

- Cwestiynau cyffredin / Arweiniad


Recruitment and Retention Payment Protocol Protocol Taliadau Recriwtio a Chadw
Reserve Forces - Training and Mobilisation  Hyfforddi a galw I wasanaethau gyda'r lluoedd with gefn
Secondment Secondiad
Special Leave Absenoldeb arbennig
Procedure for NHS Staff to Raise Concerns Trefn codi pryder ar gyfer staff y GIG
 Upholding Professional Standards in Wales  Cynnal Safonay Proffesiynol yng Nghymru

Polisi a Gweithdrefnau Cyflogaeth

Mae 3 lefel o bolisïau Gweithlu a Datblygu Sefydliadol yn y GIG yng Nghymru fel yr amlinellir isod:-

1–Polisïau Cymru Gyfan hanfodol, e.e. disgyblaethol, absenoldeb oherwydd salwch, galluogrwydd
2-Polisïau Cymru Gyfan eraill, e.e. secondiad, absenoldeb arbennig
3-Polisïau lleol, h.y. y polisïau hynny lle y mae’n fwy buddiol cynnal ffocws lleol o ganlyniad i gyfansoddiad/natur y sefydliad, e.e. gweithio hyblyg, tywydd garw.

Caiff polisïau Cymru Gyfan (lefelau 1 a 2) eu datblygu mewn partneriaeth yn unol â’r protocol ar gyfer datblygu polisïau Cymru Gyfan.

Caiff asesiadau o’r effaith ar gydraddoldeb eu cynnal hefyd ar lefel genedlaethol yn erbyn y nodweddion gwarchodedig a nodir yn Neddf Cydraddoldeb 2010; oedran; anabledd; ailbennu rhywedd; priodas a phartneriaeth sifil; beichiogrwydd a mamolaeth; hil; crefydd neu gred; rhywedd a chyfeiriadedd rhywiol.

Cytunir arnynt gan Fforwm Partneriaeth Cymru cyn cael eu cyflwyno i’r Gwasanaeth.


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