COVID-19 Guidance April 2022

Guidance following the pausing of the COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

22 April 2022

In line with the reference to automatic withdrawal on 24 March 2022 included in the COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions, it has been agreed in partnership to “pause” the FAQs but to reserve the right to reinstate them either individually or collectively should the situation necessitate it.  To this end, version 13 issued on the 12 January 2022 was the last version issued.

However, there are a number of areas of guidance, which were hyperlinked within the FAQs, which are still in place and which NHS Wales organisations should ensure that they comply with, as follows:-

Long Covid-19 Post virus sickness absence and transition from enhanced provisions to the application of regular sickness absence arrangements

Long Covid - post virus sickness absence-Health & Wellbeing and Rehabilitation support 

Covid Sickness Absence Transition-Enhanced Provisions-Application-Regular sickness

NHS Wales Guidance for managers -supporting employees-long term sickness absence -diagnosis

Public Health Wales Guidance for Health and Social Care Professionals and the Welsh Government  Guidance on COVID-19 contacts for health and social care staff

Public Health Wales Guidance-Health&Social Care Professionals

Covid-19 Contacts Guidance - Health&Social Care Staff

NHS and Social Care CoronaVirus Life Assurance Scheme 2020 Wales

NHS and Social Care-Corona Virus Life Assurance Scheme 2022 Wales