Primary Care Network membership prices

Be part of the only network bringing together primary care with the rest of the healthcare system.

For PCNs, the fee is calculated on the basis of population size:

PCNs Start band
End band
Premium fee
Band A 0 29,999 £1,015
Band B 30,000 49,999 £1,270
Band C 50,000 74,999 £1,525
Band D 75,000 99,999 £1,780
Band E 100,000 149,999 £2,035
Band F 150,000 199,999 £2,290
Band G 200,000 249,999 £2,545
Band H 250,000 300,000 £2,800

For federations, the fee is based on turnover:

Federations Start band
End band
Premium fee
Band A 0 £715,999 £3,060
Band B £716,000 £1349,999 £3,570
Band C £1,350,000 £2999,999 £4,080
Band D £3,000,000   £4,590


Place/System-based membership

Our place/system-based membership recognises the growth of integrated working across primary care to improve the health of our communities. To support greater partnership working we are offering 20% off our membership for applications from either a group of PCNs in a geographically recognised place/system or from a federation with their associated PCNs.  The offer includes the same benefits as for individual members.


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