Picture of Rosie Richards

Rosie Richards

Senior European Policy Manager

Rosie is Head of European Data and Research Policy at the NHS Confederation. She additionally holds the role of UK Representative to the EU Joint Action Towards a Health Data Space, an EU programme to address differences in national GDPR implementation and to develop options for the use of health data for artificial intelligence. 

Previously, Rosie worked for the UK Government as a European Policy expert specialising in EU Single Market, digital and health policy. During this time, she held positions in the Department for Business, Trade and Industrial Strategy, and the Department for Health and Social Care.

Rosie has also on the worked in the National Health Service. As the Education Marketing and Commercial Manager for Moorfield Eye Hospital, she led the digitilisation of the hospital’s ophthalmic training programme, opening markets in Dubai and across the world. Her specialisation is in EU digital policy, including AI in the health sector.