Greater pressures expected over the coming weeks in NHS across Wales

Darren Hughes

Responding to the update on the Coronavirus pandemic given by the Welsh Government today, Darren Hughes, Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation said:

“Earlier in the week, we saw a drop in cases of Coronavirus. Sadly, it looks as if those gains are not going to be sustained. This means that despite more people overall being admitted to critical care in Wales since the start of the pandemic, it is likely we will see more numbers over the coming weeks.

“It also means the virus is still at extremely high levels within our communities. This has a profound impact on our staff. It is likely we will see more staff having to isolate or becoming ill with Coronavirus because they don’t just deliver care in our communities, they live in our communities.

“All these factors have a severe impact on the services and capacity the NHS in Wales can provide. That is why we need these restrictions now, until we can vaccinate enough people to bring those pressures under control.

“We welcome the strengthening of the measures today as a further way to reduce infections, but we also need the public to make another huge national effort too.

“The good news of the vaccine roll outs need to be coupled with us all pulling together to get us through these difficult winter months. The vaccine roll out is a huge undertaking, and it will take time. The NHS has committed significant resources to making sure we can do this as quickly as possible.”

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