Decreasing cases does not mean we should relax our behaviour

Nesta Lloyd-Jones

Responding to the latest Welsh Government Coronavirus Update, Nesta Lloyd-Jones, Assistant Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation said:

“Once again we saw some quite positive news in that the number of cases in Wales appears to be decreasing. It is important to note that this hasn’t yet translated into the same decreases in hospitalisations and deaths, but as we saw in the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is often a lag in this information coming through.

“That does not mean we should relax our behaviour and it is going to be vitally important that as we move out of the firebreak period that we all stick to the regulations. The people of Wales have worked so hard to bring this virus under control and protect vulnerable people in our communities. We cannot allow ourselves to go backwards again.

“The NHS is grateful for everyone’s efforts, and while we come under increasing pressure from the number of Coronavirus patients we are seeing, we are also making every effort to deliver care for non-coronavirus health issues. However, if the number of patients with Coronavirus increases in our hospitals, we will not have the capacity to provide care for other issues.

“The staff across the NHS stand ready to help wherever they can, but a number of staff have been under significant pressure for the last 8 months and that is taking its toll. That’s another reason why we are asking everyone in Wales to respect the current restrictions. The public and the NHS will have to help each other through this difficult period.

 "We also saw positive developments this week on a potential vaccine for Coronavirus. We know how much people have suffered both the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic, and we hope that this represents some light at the end of the tunnel for us all, but we are not there yet. So please, wherever possible, make sure you keep your distance from others, wear a mask when appropriate and work for home if you can.”

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