Prime Minister's welcome social care pledge shows wheels are starting to turn within government and the Treasury

Niall Dickson

Responding to the Prime Minister’s commitment made on BBC Breakfast to bring forward a plan for social care this year, to be implemented within this Parliament, Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said:

"Another day, another promise. Anyone concerned about social care in England would be justified in being sceptical about this latest pledge from politicians. But we understand there is real commitment behind this short statement from the Prime Minister and that wheels are starting to turn within government and the Treasury. We welcome that.

"The Conservatives promised to seek a cross party consensus and even though they have a large majority we would urge ministers to keep to that pledge and try to find a long term sustainable solution.

"For too long politicians from all parties have promised a fix and failed to deliver while the most vulnerable have been left to suffer without the care they need.

"Nearly every NHS leader we polled before the General Election told us the social care crisis was damaging patient care, and without exception they backed significant investment and a long-term plan like the NHS."


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