Brexit Health Alliance

Agreement with transition period preferable to ‘no deal’, says Brexit Health Alliance

Brexit health alliance

Responding to last night's Brexit votes, Niall Dickson, co-chair of the Brexit Health Alliance and chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said:

“Every part of the health sector is working flat out to reduce the impact of ‘no deal’ on patients and the public.

“But there are still too many risks and this could endanger lives.

“It may be stating the obvious but abruptly ending collaboration on medicines and devices, clinical research, treatments for rare diseases, public health, and access to healthcare while abroad is not good for patients.

“We are not reassured that it will all be fine if ‘everyone does what they’re supposed to’ – the reality is we will be faced with any number of uncertainties, from challenges with freight contracts to passing legislation on a specific date, and to any number of individual decisions made by doctors or patients.

“For the safety of patients, an agreement with a transition period would be preferable to ‘no-deal’.”

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