Who we are

A member-led organisation that responds to the issues that matter most to our membership of clinical commissioners.

Our board provides strategic leadership for the organisation. The board is made up of clinicians, senior managers and lay people from our member CCGs.

The focus of the board is to steer the organisation and its members through the high profile challenges facing commissioners and to shape the work programme and priorities of NHSCC. Our board members also play a key role in building up and maintaining relationships with a wide range of national stakeholder organisations.

NHSCC has a small core team working across policy, influencing, communications, and membership functions to deliver a valuable offer for our members. Our team works closely with colleagues across the NHS Confederation to ensure that our work is as authoritative, well-rounded and influential as it can be. 

The NHSCC board

The NHSCC board is made up of CCG leaders from across the membership. It provides the overall direction for NHSCC’s work programme and ensures the vital link with our members and their priorities.

The team