Our forums

Specialist forums set up at the request of members.

These provide an opportunity for commissioners involved in these areas to come together and support each other with common challenges as well as share best practice to enhance their work locally.

Our member-requested and led networks are:

  • Finance Forum – for chief financial officers, finance directors and their deputies across all member CCGs.
  • Lay Members Network – for lay members across all member CCGs.
  • Mental Health Commissioners Network – for CCG clinical mental health commissioning leads and senior CCG managers. working in mental health commissioning.
  • National Ambulance Commissioners Network– for ambulance commissioners across the country
  • Nurses Forum – for nurses on CCG governing bodies and senior nursing leads for topic areas like CHC and IPC.

We also have informal networks for members in areas including medicines, HR and OD.

To find out more or to join one of our networks, please get in touch.

  • The Finance Forum is the representative network for CCG CFOs, Finance Directors and their deputies.
    The aims of the forum are:

    • To be the national collective voice for CCG finance professionals influencing on issues that matter to our members
    • To support senior finance professionals in their roles through the provision of webinars and briefings
    • To share knowledge and best practice

    Forum members network and work with other finance leads on issues of common interest at both national level and local level.
    Find out more about the Finance Forum in the video below.

  • The Lay Members Network is the national membership network for CCG governing body lay members. It is chaired by Jason Stamp, and offers access to and support from lay members across the country.

    It provides a unique opportunity for CCG lay members to share the experiences and challenges of their crucial role in CCG governing bodies and local best practice approaches in a safe space. The network gives lay members a national voice to influence relevant policy development as well as supporting the professional development of lay members. 

  • The Mental Health Commissioners Network’s (MHCN) purpose is to enable members to become more effective mental health commissioners – achieving better mental health and wellbeing outcomes for the populations they serve.

    The network is open to CCG clinical mental health commissioning leads and senior CCG managers working in mental health commissioning. It is chaired by Dr Phil Moore, who sits on the NHSCC Board as the MHCN representative. Phil talks more about the network in the video below.

    The network is member led and aims to provide

    • A strong collective voice for Mental Health commissioners
    • A place to share best practice with peers
    • Provide development opportunities and peer support to mental health commissioners

    The network also has a steering group to support its development.

  • The National Ambulance Commissioners Network (NACN) is chaired by Jason Evans, Acting Chief Officer for Integrated Urgent and Emergency Care.  

    It provides a network for lead ambulance commissioners, but also covers the commissioning of NHS 111 and patient transport services. The NACN offers a national voice, influencing upwards (to policy makers) and laterally (to other urgent and emergency care stakeholders); peer-to-peer support for those working in what can be seen as a rather niche area of commissioning; a safe space for CCG ambulance commissioners to talk openly about issues and concerns; and the opportunity to share good practice (and safely share less successful initiatives) to develop consistently better outcomes for patients.

  • The NHSCC Nurses Forum is the independent voice for the commissioning nurse.

    The Nurses Forum acts as the independent voice for the commissioning nurse providing strategic direction, influences national policy relevant to the commissioning of services and/or related to members’ roles, and shares learning between members and provide a safe space to discuss issues affecting them.

    The Nurses Forum has two co-chairs: Dr Marion Andrews-Evans, Executive Nurse & Director for Quality, Gloucestershire CCG; and Jo Harding, Director of Quality and Safety (Governing Body Nurse), Leeds CCG.

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