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Our world is rapidly changing, but positive change, change that improves outcomes and lives, doesn't happen by chance.  At a time when people’s expectations of health and care services have never been higher, the resources available to meet those expectations have never been under greater pressure.  

We don’t need slides or spreadsheets to tell us the impact of this, when we can see the challenges and pressures every day in GP surgeries, A&E, social services and across our communities. 

At this critical juncture, we believe there is a need to take what is already good about the way we care, and scale this to meet the growing and changing needs of our population.

For the last nine years, PPL has worked with commissioners and providers of health and social care to make practical improvements and reform to healthcare in the UK.

How we can support you

We work in partnership with our clients to develop, implement and scale new thinking, so that we can make a proven difference to outcomes and lives.

Our team of specialist consultants and senior healthcare experts work with both national bodies and individual teams to identify and disseminate clinical and organisational best practice, by:

  • adapting proven models of care to local priorities, working directly with clinicians, patients and carers
  • building the local case for change, including quality, financial and broader implications
  • supporting planning and commissioning processes, including at a CCG and STP level
  • providing local programme, project and change management capacity, in a cost-effective and flexible way
  • training and building-up internal teams, to drive the change and improvement journey themselves.

What this looks like in practice

In recent work with healthcare organisations supporting a population of over two million people, we found:

  • 40 per cent of hospital inpatients aged over 75 were well enough to leave
  • in another setting, 30 per cent of inpatients’ needs could have been bettered
  • inpatients spent 17,000 days in hospital beds when they could have been at home.  

None of this will come as a surprise.

We’re proud that, through working in partnership with over a dozen Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) and local authorities, ten acute trusts and a range of local providers, we have been able to co-design and implement a model that is already reducing delayed transfers of care, decreasing referrals into higher levels of care, and freeing-up resources. A recent survey in the locality showed that 89 per cent of local NHS organisations and 79 per cent of local councils reported improved processes, and a better experience for patients and carers.

Separately, working with colleagues at Nesta, the Health Foundation and NHS England, we are currently modelling the potential impact of realising the value from person and community-centred care across England as a whole. With colleagues at the Social Care Institute for Excellence, we are looking into how total transformation – working across local areas as a whole – can provide a sustainable future for our health and care services. In both cases, we are supporting CCGs and local providers to apply the lessons learned across the UK.

PPL and NHS Confederation

We joined the NHS Confederation in 2013 because the values of the NHS Confederation are closely aligned with our own. Being part of the associate programme gives us access to insight and innovative thinking that helps us make a demonstrable difference to outcomes and lives through healthcare improvement and reform. 

To find out more, please contact info@pplconsulting.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @PPLThinks


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