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Key facts and trends in mental health 

Key facts and trends in mental health 

Date: 14/09/2011 
Stock Code: INF28101 
Format: Electronic 

In 2009, the Mental Health Network (MHN) published a factsheet on key statistics and trends in mental health. Two years on we have updated the factsheet, reflecting new figures, statistics and resources. Some of the sources used in 2009 have not been updated since and so for completeness we have included the previous entries.

The overall picture is a mixed one. For example, it is encouraging to see patients spending less time in hospitals – pointing perhaps towards the increasing use of community-based treatments. However, it is concerning that people on a Care Programme Approach do not feel they are getting the support they need in terms of employment, housing and financial advice.

Against the backdrop of the reforms to the NHS and the efficiency savings required, it is clear that mental health services face a serious test in the coming months and years.

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Holly Mitchell

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